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About me

Liz van Woerden

Welcome to my website! My name is Liz (Liesbeth) van Woerden. Born in 1980 in Hilversum, The Netherlands, and now married to a Dutch Airforce pilot and mom of two lovely children. I have a great love for horses ever since I was a young girl and have been involved with them off and on throughout my life. I currently own several horses in both the Netherlands and the USA. 


In July 2022, I started my freelance business Liz van Woerden – Communication. I am currently managing the websites and Social media for several Equestrian companies


A big part of my work day, I spend on my job for the KWPN of North America. They hired me in 2021 to be responsible for Social media and promotion in general. Being able to apply my skills to the Equine industry makes me feel like I 'have the best of both worlds'!  


Feel free to contact me any time. 

What My Clients Say


Meghan deGaray - Breeding Manager Iron Spring Farm and Board Member KWPN-NA

"Liz van Woerden does a really fantastic job with promotion and managing social media. She is very tuned into the Equine industry and always keeps her eye out for news and events that are interesting or affect her clients. Liz is very easy to work with and she has a good eye for detail. She is enthusiastic and makes excellent suggestions when working on a project.  When it comes to promotion, Liz is excellent at finding creative and interesting ways for her clients to promote their businesses and horses.  Her videos and photography are top quality. She can create really good content for social media and promotion for her clients. Her networking abilities help grow her clients business. Liz  is a real asset  for any business and a great member to have on the team!"
January 18th, 2024
My Clients
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