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Website management 

Having a nice, updated website is important: it gives a professional impression. Keeping your website up-to-date needs attention and dedication. This costs a lot of time, something that busy breeders, trainers and riders don't have. Several business owners therefore let me manage their website. It's easy and can all be done remotely: you send me information and raw footage, I make sure it gets on your website in an attractive way.


Besides updating, I also offer something extra to breeders: I can create a special page on your website with a historic overview of your breeding program. It shows the horses you have bred with bloodlines, offspring and sports performance. Each of them with a proper description, pictures, videos and links to their pedigrees in the database of choice. This way, you have your life's work beautifully captured right there on your website for the world to see! To do that for a breeder is fantastic work that I really enjoy.


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KWPN of North America

Steamboat Creek Farm

Marcel van Bruggen

Coalcyn Equestrian

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