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The English language has always interested me. Over the years- I lived in Australia & New-Zealand for a year, followed my University studies in English and lived in the USA for four years - my English has become fluent and my vocabulary rich.


Currently, I speak English on a daily basis in my position for the KWPN-NA and my work for American breeders. Translating articles for the KWPN-NA and KWPN in the Netherlands is part of my job too. I also write articles and do (video/ phone/ live/ email) interviews in English. At the KWPN stallion show in Den Bosch for example, I will translate live via a microphone for over 45 people.


I am available if you need translation of any kind - in person or written.  I currently only take translation jobs within the Equine Industry. 

Examples of my work

Willeke Bos - Stal 104

Inbreeding or linebreeding?

Gelders horses of North America

Founding of the KWPN-NA

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