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Photography & Video

Photography and video have been my hobbies for many years now. I especially enjoy Equine photography and videoing. I have done several photography workshops with accomplished photographers and have developed my photography skills by years of practice.


In 2018, I did a photo project called 'Krachtpatsers' in The Netherlands, to promote the Gelders horse. I funded this project myself. From 2019-2021, I repeated this project in the USA, and called it 'Gelders horses of North America'. This project was partly funded by the KWPN, KWPN-NA and donations; I raised $2k via a Facebook fundraiser. Take a look on this page to see the projects. 


I frequently take videos at Equestrian events now for the KWPN-NA, the Gelders horse division of the KWPN and other clients. Most of my videos score very well on social media like YouTube and Facebook. My YouTube channel has grown to more than 5k subscribers in the last two years and my reels on Facebook easily get over 1k views within an hour. This makes it interesting to have me at your event for extra exposure and promotion.


Take a look in my picture gallery and on my YouTube channel to see my work, and feel free to contact me for more information! 

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